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“After six visits to the snow, I still believe that Kumaon is the most beautiful country of all the continent of Asia. Mountains and alps, birds and animals, butterflies and flowers, all combine to make a sum of delight unsurpassed elsewhere.” - T.G.Longstaff

It is a believed that the word "Kumaon" is derived from 'Kurmanchal' which means the land of Kurmavatar (the tortoise incarnation of Lord Vishnu).

Kumaon is situated in the state of Uttarakhand, and lies between the latitude 28 degree 44’N and 30degree 49’ and longitude 78 degree 45’ and 81 degree 1’ E . It is separated from Nepal, to the East by the river Kali. To the north is the Kailash Mansarovar region of western Tibet. To the west, alongside the Chamoli & Pauri districts of Garhwal and to the South it touches the districts of Bareilly, Pilibhit, Rampur, Moradabad & bijnor.

History Of Kumaon: The region was under the rule of Katyuris (from the 6th-12th century A.D.) followed by Chand dynasty, then  Gorkhas (1790 AD). In theNepal war of 1814-15  the East India Compmany defeated the Gorkhas and started ruling Kumaon. They were ushered in quant title imperials hideaways – Nainital, Ranikhet & Mukteshwar for vacations. After independence, the ‘slabs’ vanished but the tradition of summer spent in the ‘hot weather’ of the hills still remains.

Religion: Kumaon has been considered a heavenly abode, a land of gods in the holy book of the Hindus. The lofty Himalayas and ancient Temples have attracted Hindu pilgrims since times immemorial.

Culture & Language: Apart from Hindi & English, the Kumaoni dialect is spoken here: it is written in the Devnagiri script.  Kumaonis have celebrated their own festivals since ancient times. These festivals are dedicated to different gods & Goddesses and are celebrated with fervor, faith & dedication.

The Hardworking Kumaonis are a simple and easy going people. Folk art, folk songs and folk dances are an integral part of the lives of these people. Traditional Songs & dances are still sung during the feasts and traditions.

Occupation: Handicraft has been a traditional art of Kumaon since ancient times, and is unique to the kumaoni society. Woolen carpets,wool & woolen goods, hand knitted sweaters, shawls, ‘chutkas’, ‘thulmas’ are some famous hand crafted products of this region.

**Traditional cooper utensils, bamboo baskets, rope made of hemp plants are also made in Kumaon.
**Agriculture is the main source of income of the Kumaonis. Seasonal crops like Potatoes, cabbages, peas, tomatoes wheat, rice, etc. are grown in the terraced fields.

Kumaon is famous for its orchards. Apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, chestnuts are some of the  common fruits grown in this region. And the part Kumaon in which Mukteshwar is situated is known as the “fruit basket of Kumaon”.

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