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Rock climbing
Also called three point climbing. One has to use finger tips & toes to climb a rock. For the safety there are ropes, carabineers, harness, etc.

It’s a faster way to come down on a vertical face of rock with the help of ropes & other equipments

The Chauli-ki-Jaali cliff offer an excellent site for these activities. Here you can do various grades of rock-climbing & rappelling.

River Crossing

Rope bridge tied across two trees above the stream or river for the safety there are ropes, pulley, carabineers & harness.

It is quite similar to Rappelling but it is done from a bridge. 

Jumar is equipment which moves only upwards. With the help of it you can climb rock even which has no holds; it’s called artificial climbing also. 
Star Gazing
The high altitude location and that is on a top of the ridge, zero pollution and minimal lights offers the perfect opportunity to gaze at the stars and brood over their immense mysteries. To help you there is telescope, binoculars & the star gazing book that has lots of star charts with marked constellations for your perusal.

The Trishul Orchard has a dedicated area where one can enjoy Archery, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley ball, cricket, Video Games etc.  We also have a collection of board games for you to enjoy.

Walking to nearby places not only gives a glimpse of the calm, quiet & simple life of the villagers but also offers a glimpse of a new & different world. Mukteshwar's thick jungles and isolated villages make for very exciting treks with the gorgeous Himalayan view on backdrop.
Small walks around the place open doors to life in the Himalayan forests.

A Day picnic or overnight camping
We organize day picnics in the nearby areas. It can be in the middle of a jungle or on a riverside or next to the waterfall. And for more adventure lover people overnight camping can be organized in these places.

Jungle Trek
This trek goes through the dense forest of oak & kharso, this is a reserve forest & it’s protected by Indian Vertinary Research Institute.

Sunkiya Village:
A small village, 2 kms from the orchard. The trek is through jungle initially, it’s a round trek, on the way u can visit NGO Chirag outlet, where you can buy different herbs, dals, apricot oil, apricot scrub, hand weave caps, mufflers, shawls, pullovers, neck cover, etc. which have been knitted by local women.

Stream(waterfall) trek:
The 4km. trek takes you to the bottom of the valley. The trek goes through village & pine forest. Along the way is an emerald green pool fed by a waterfall. Also, one can enjoy adventure activities like river crossing & rappelling here

Sunrise & sunset point:
Though the property is on a hilltop, so one can enjoy the Sunrise & sunset in all its hues from the property itself.  

360 degree point :
A short walk of 150m. from the orchard can lead u to this point. This is the peak point of the orchard, from here on one side mesmerizing 380 km. of Garhwal, Kumaon & Nepal Himalaya & on the other side spectacular view of villages & terraced farming strewn down terrain. 

CPRI Meadows:
Open sun drenched terraced field meadows of the CPRI with excellent views.

Village walk:
A short trek in the village in the isolation of the mountains for making friends with villagers and  to see there life style & customs, to see small farms, cattle-sheds, natural spring water source, village shops or schools and generally familiarize themselves with life in the village.

Thakood Top trek
The trek is through dense forest & reaches the highest point in the region i.e. 8500 ft.  This place is located on a cliff top. & has one of the best views in this whole region.
Overnight camping can be organized here.

Kapileshwar Temple Trek (4000ft.)
From Mukteshwar it’s a downhill picturesque 9 km. trek through beautiful oak, rhododendron & pine forest. It’s a 1200 yrs. old Shiva temple built by Katyuras, situated in the confluence of river Kumiya & Sakuni. Over night camping is also possible here. This place is also approachable by road.

Rithani Cowshed
Deep in the jungle with the Rithani Cowshed (1897), a familiarization to ancient trails, hundreds of years old and is a good exposure to jungle survival.

Night trek:
A night trek with or without torches through a jungle & village can be a different experience altogether.
Folk dances & music
The musical art forms of Kumaon have a charm of their own. They truly reflect the simplicity, beauty and a very ease paced sense of rhythm of the people of the mountains. These performances can be organized on request.

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