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Walking to nearby places not only gives a glimpse of the calm, quiet and simple life of the villagers but also offers a glimpse of a unexplored & different world. One can unhesitatingly say that the places which can be reached only by walking are certainly more unspoiled, pristine and consequently more beautiful than those which can be approached by vehicles.

Its like an outdoor school where each day is a challenge & pleasure.

It’s the way to know yourself and your limitations, how do u deal with fear & challenges?

As it’s said walking is the best exercise another advantage is you lose those unwanted kilograms, your body becomes strong, your stamina increases and you simply radiate good health.

There is perhaps no better way of bonding with family, friends or colleagues, then by going on a hike together. The adventure, the exercise every day, climbing a pass together, experiencing the beauty of nature together and hanging out by a campfire at night, all seem to bring you closer to your loved ones.
Short trek
We organize these trips in unexplored destinations and it can be thick wood, hidden lakes, British bungalows, villages, ancient temples. These trips are usually 3-5 days (Delhi to Delhi) and can be planned in all seasons on long weekend breaks. These treks are ideal for the beginners also as they are in low altitude, short & easy in grade.

Harishtal trek (3-4 days trek)
This low altitude trek in the wilderness of the Kumaon Himalayas is suitable from October to April. The trek is very exciting considering the not so far yet so remote kind of places you go through. The two lakes Lokham Tal and Harish Tal which one crosses during the trek are mostly unheard of and lie in the remote jungles of Kumaon. Thick jungles, quiet villages, enchanting lakes, the area of Hairakhan Ashram make it an exciting mix of adventure, local myths and religion.

Almora trek: (2 days trek)
A two days trek through jungles, steams and villages culminating in the biggest township of Kumaon - Almora. (One cannot return to the camp the same day and therefore we have to stay on the way in tents).One of the largest township of Kumaon, Almora was the capital of ancient dynasties of the region. Old cobbled streets, copper handicrafts, special art of painting in terracotta intricate woodcarvings on age old buildings and houses make it very rich in heritage.

Long Treks
We organize trekking trips in Kumaon & Garhwal Himalaya (Uttarakhand). These long treks are 6-12 days and starts from 10,000 feet and take you to high altitude meadows, kunds, lakes, base camps, glaciers……
Some of the trekking destinations are Pindari glacier, Kafni glacier, milam glacier, roopkund, valley of flowers, Tapovan, etc.

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